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The Outside Looking In

My Life Within The Music World

Get behind the scenes of Hall & Oates, through the eyes of
Mrs. Casual -- Sheila DeChant!
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"SHEILA'S Waltz" -- A stage play based on the true life, love & marital story of one of pop music's most talented musicians [ Mr. Casual Charlie DeChant from Hall & Oates] and his wife [ Sheila DeChant].

What if you missed out on your dream all because you took a wrong turn somewhere? That is the question that then-35-year-old Sheila DeChant – the wife of famous musician “Mr. Casual” Charlie DeChant, saxophone & keyboard player for Hall & Oates – asks herself as she contemplates life, love, and marriage to her celebrity husband who, unfortunately, is on tour 10 months a year in the 1980s. An emotional performance by some of Orlando's finest actors & musicians live on-stage!


Written & directed by Michael Laderman. Produced by 20 A-M Productions, LLC. Starring Brianna Barrett [as 35-year-old Sheila] and Jeremy Fratti [as 39-year-old Charlie]. Music performed by The Kings. Based on the book, "The Outside Looking In," by Sheila DeChant. And featuring LIVE ON-STAGE: Hall & Oates' saxophone and keyboard player Mr. Casual Charlie DeChant!

My Story

I have always wanted to write a book about the unique life and journey I have been on.

Most people who follow Daryl Hall and John Oates will not remember me other than Mrs. Casual, married to the sax, flute, keyboard and background vocalist for over 40 years: Charlie DeChant.

I have lived and seen the life of the music world. It has not been an easy lifestyle but quite an amazing experience that left me sometimes excited, exhausted, upset and even depressed.

A musical roller coaster became a natural part of my life.​


"The band continued playing some really good songs and, looking up again, I saw this sax player with long blonde hair, tall and skinny with round rimmed glasses. He had this sound coming out of the horn that was smooth like ice and had emotion I never heard before. I looked up at him and when he finished playing, he looked right at me. To me, it felt like he looked right through me. He kept staring at me and I, without thinking, started staring back, and Wham ... something happened."